Grappling with AI


Grappling with AI

News: The potential and consequences of generative artificial intelligence have drawn the attention of policymakers across jurisdictions, who have stepped up regulatory scrutiny of these tools. G7 has committed to 'risk-based' regulation.

What is AI?

AI leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision making capability of Human-mind. It provides machines with the capability to i) Adapt, ii) Reason and iii) Provide solutions

What are concerns surrounding AI software and chatbots?

→ Privacy issues as there are apprehensions that personal and sensitive information data can be leaked for targeted advertising, political influence.

→ As AI can generate new content, there are chances that it can be used to potentially generate fake news or other malicious content. At the same time, it will be unknown who should be held responsible for the output.

→ It has the potential to automate many processes, which could lead to job displacement for people who are skilled in those areas.

→ AI can be trained on biased data, which can result in the algorithm making decisions that unfairly disadvantage certain groups. This can perpetuate societal inequalities and lead to discrimination.

→ It infringes Intellectual property rights as several artists have claimed that their art works were unfairly recreated by AI.

→ Countless ethical issues around equality, justice, human dignity are likely to arise.

→ The cognitive ability of children is likely to be impacted as more will rely on quick solutions offered by Generative AI.

What is the Risk-Based approach of G7?

G7’s “risk-based” approach could involve graded regulation, with a lesser compliance burden on developers or users of AI tool deployed in areas such as the word processing business or generating music, as compared to the regulatory supervision on, say, a tool aiding doctors in medical diagnosis or one linked to a face-reading device that’s matching people’s identities.

What are steps taken by other nations?

CountrySteps taken to regulate AI
The European UnionThe proposed AI Act segregating artificial intelligence by use-case scenarios based broadly on the degree of invasiveness and risk.
ItalyIt became the first major Western country to ban ChatGPT out of concerns over privacy.
United KingdomA ‘light-touch’ approach that aims to foster, and not stifle, innovation in this nascent field
United States                                                                                                                                                              Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights that proposed a nonbinding roadmap for the responsible use of AI. The Blueprint spelt out five core principles to govern the effective development of AI systems.
IndiaIt is not considering any law to regulate the artificial intelligence sector.



→ Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and over 15,000 others have called for a six-month pause in AI development, and for shared safety protocols to be implemented by labs and independent experts.

→ Considering the rapid advance in AI and its potential to transform our lives (both positively & negatively) it becomes important to approach its deployment with caution and consideration for ethical and social implications.
Source – The Indian Express

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