Current Events

DICS’s Best Pick
The Hindu if not available then Indian Express.
History Ancient History, by R.S.Sharma. Old NCERT (11th) / DICS Notes
Medieval history, by Satish Chandra. Old NCERT (11th)/DICS
Modern history, by Bipin Chandra. Old NCERT
(12th)/Spectrunt(Rajiv Ahir)
World History: Story of civilization by Arjun Dev (9th and 10th std)
Culture: DICS material & DICS Notes.
India since independence by Bipin Chandra (selected chapters)
Geography 6 to 10th Std. NCERT (selected chapter)
11th to 12th Std. NCERT (New)
Certificate physical & human geography by Goh Chen Leong.
Orient Black Swan Atlas.
Polity Laxmikanth
Current updates by DICS.
Economics Macro Economics (NCERT 12th )
Indian economic development ( NCERT 11th )
Indian economy by Ramesh Singh or Sanjiv Verma.
Economic Survey & Budget by DICS.
The Hindu (Business review on Monday) —> website.
Environment & 12th NCERT , Biology (Selected chapter)
Ecology NIOS.
DICS Notes.
Science DICS Notes
The Hindu —> S & T —> Thursday
Science Reporter
NCERT: 9th & 10th
Indian Society DICS Notes
NCERTS (11th & 12th)
Public administration DICS Notes
& governance
International relation, DICS Notes
Security Issue
Ethics Lexicon
DICS Notes
Magazine Yojna
DICS Magazine
India year book (selected part)
Press Information Bureau. [] (Website)