Role of Question Practice

No other task can enhance your preparation for UPSC-CSE as good as questions practice. First of all, revise at least last ten years UPSC-CSE papers with a view to get exact idea about what kind of knowledge and analytical abilities UPSC wants in a candidate. Then go through other sources of questions like different institutes’ test series, question banks, online sources, tests of your coaching institute, and so on. We recommend you to practice 10000+ MCQs before appearing for prelims.

If you want to enhance your accuracy in questions practice, try to learn from wrong options too. If you think that you have solved much MCQs by knowing their right answers only then you are going in a wrong direction. You need to solve question’s right answer and also learn why other three options cannot be the right answer. By reading this way your preparation will go in the right direction and your accuracy will be improved upto 80-90%.

One more thing should be noted here. Only previous years’ questions should be revised to months before prelims. By practicing this way, your mind will think exactly like UPSC. You will be able to find where UPSC has set a trap for you by going through this way.

“Be precise. A lack of precision is dangerous when the margin of error is small.”

Question practice also helps in Mains. Subjective questions require art of answer writing. It can only be learned through practice. We recommend you to practice atleast 1000+ questions for mains before appearing in examination. Don’t ignore it. Reading is always satisfying than writing, but don’t fall into this trap framed by your own mind. Believe it or not, Reading without writing will cost you an attempt.

DICS test series tries to inculcate all the above mentioned points in it. In addition to that question practices in class also from an essential part of our teaching methodology.

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