News: Ancient site of Rakhigarhi is being developed as one of the five Identified Iconic Archeological Sites.

About Rakhigarhi:

  • The ancient site of Rakhi-Khas and Rakhi-Shahpur are collectively known as Rakhigarhi, located on the right bank of now dried up Palaeo-channel of Drishadvati.
  • Seven mounds are located here. The site has yielded various stages of Harappan culture and is by far one of the largest Harappan sites in India.
  • The site shows the sequential development of the Indus culture in the now dried up Saraswati basin.
  • For development of the sites and its environs, repairing of boundary wall, pathways, public amenities, solar lights, benches are being provided.
  • Excavation is also proposed at the site to showcase the archaeological remains in a holistic manner.
  • In the union budget of 2020, it was announced that Five iconic archaeological sites located across five states will be developed. One of which is Rakhigarhi located in Hissar district, Haryana.
  • The funds will be met out within ASI Budget allocations.