Those who find it difficult to join coaching or those who are studying at a distant place can join our postal package. In this package, we will provide you comprehensive study materials including standard reference books, DICS Material, Class notes, etc (As mentioned below). Along with this, you will be provided with 20+ tests of GS and 7+ tests of CSAT in this package.

Fees for Postal Package: 12000/- only

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1. History:
– Ancient history: Ancient India Old NCERT 11th Standard, DICS CLASS NOTES, PPTs
– Medieval history: Medieval India Old NCERT 11th Standard, PPTs
– Modern history: Modern India Spectrum (Rajiv ahir)
– Post Independence History: DICS MATERIALS
– World history: DICS MATERIALS

2. Culture:
– An introduction to Indian art 11th Standard NCERT
– DICS class notes.
– PPTs

3. Geography:
– Fundamental of Physical Geography 11th Standard NCERT
– India Physical Environment 11th Standard NCERT
– Fundamental of Human Geography 12th Standard NCERT
– India People and Economy 12th Standard NCERT
– DICS comprehensive Materials Printed
– PPTs

4. Polity:
– Laxmikanth
– Current updates by DICS.
– DICS Question solving booklet

5. Economics:
– DICS Material Economics volume-1
– DICS Material Economics volume-2 (MAINS RELATED)
– Arihant publication IAS mains book paper-3 (MAINS RELATED)
– Economic survey & Budget by DICS.

6. Environment & Ecology
– Shankar IAS Material
– Arihant publication IAS mains book paper-3 (MAINS RELATED)
– Class Notes of D I C S.
– PPTs

7. Science:
– DICS material
– Arihant publication IAS mains book paper-3 (MAINS RELATED)
– PPTs

8. Indian society:-
– Class notes of DICS
– PPTs

9. Pub-ads & governance:-
– Class Notes.

10. International relation, Security Issue & Disaster Management
– DICS material
– Arihant publication IAS mains book (MAINS RELATED)
– Class notes
– PPTs

11. Ethics:
– Lexicon or Any standard reference book
– Class notes

12. Current Affairs Magazine:
– DICS Magazine for 1 Year (Monthly Magazine)

13. : CSAT
– DICS Material