New Batch (Online + Offline)

Exclusive Online Module

Due to Corona crisis and with the changing time, Online(live) classes is the need of the hour.

We are Glad to announce our New UPSC Pre cum Mains batch which would be exclusively online, for those who are unable to attend the offline classes due to some reasons.

  • -Whole syllabus of GS Prelims plus Mains will be completed.
  • -video recording of the lectures will be provided in case you have missed the lecture.

Details of the batch :

Fees:- 35000/ Only

Date:- 9th July 2020

Time:- 6PM TO 8PM

M:-9725692037, 8469231587

Online + offline module

We are starting New UPSC Pre cum Mains batch which would be Online+ Offline Batch i.e. in which Online classes(live classes not the pre-recorded videos) will be conducted till lockdown period gets over and after that it will be continued in Offline classes in Classroom. Topics which would be covered in online classes would also get repeated in offline classes, so you get an added advantage of online classes till the lockdown period.

Details of New batch :

Date:-  9th July 2020

Time:-  6PM to 8PM

Fees:-  Ask at branch



Q. Are Classes available both Online & Offline ?
The Classes will be conducted online wherein students will be interacting with the mentor to solve their queries.

Q. What if I miss the Online Lecture?
The recorded version of the course will be available for students who have enrolled for the program. In case a student misses out on the online lecture, a recorded version of the course will always be provided to our students.

Q. Will Course Materials be provided?
Yes! Study Materials will be provided to all our registered candidates to help them assist with the preparation.

Q. What will be scenario after Lockdown?
Students will have the option to convert their mode of study from only online Live Classes to physical classroom program also once the physical classes get start after the lockdown

Q. I have already enrolled in the Physical Classroom Program. How will I get the Online Class?
Do I have to pay for the classes again?
Students can enrol in physical classroom program now also but they have to attend only online Live Classes till the further communication from Govt. or concern authorities to start the physical classes. Once lockdown will open, and physical classes will be allowed, these students will start attending the physical classes as per their schedule at the centres.

Q. Is Subject Wise Admission possible in Online Class?
Students can also take Subject wise / GS Papers (1, 2, 3 &4) wise admission in only online Live Classes mode.