Importance of hobbies in interview

The part of hobbies in the interview is one of the most interesting parts as it can provide you a win-win situation. Here are few questions that could have pondered upon your mind regarding hobbies in the interview.

How should we select hobbies for the interview?

Hobby can be defined as an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. Before appearing in the interview, you need to look into your personality, your daily routine, your career and your experiences to dig out upto 2-3 hobbies out of you.

You should specify your hobbies in your DAF (Detailed Application Form). For example, instead of writing ‘Sports’ as a hobby, you must specify which sports activity you do as a part of your hobby.

You can also mention the activities that you have been doing for a long time as your hobby. For example, you have a habit of going for a walk in the evening for last 2-3 years then you can specify ‘taking a morning walk’ as your hobby.

You must know about the areas where your sub-conscious mind enjoys doing that particular work. It can also be mentioned as a hobby. For example, you enjoy teaching to underprivileged students in the weekend then you can specify it as your hobby.

Remember that you should not mention more than 2-3 hobbies as it would enable the board to ask you questions from varied fields and it would catch you in a trap.

How to prepare for hobbies?

You need not to do Ph.D in your hobbies. Your content about your hobbies should reflect curiosity. You must be able to answer those questions about your hobbies that everyone with the same hobbies should be able to answer. In case you do not know the correct answer in this regard, simply ask them to let you guess the answer or tell them politely that you are not aware about this.

Some common questions that can be asked are:-

  • “Why do you have such hobby?”
  • “How do you maintain balance between your preparation for UPSC-CSE and your hobby?”
  • “How does your hobby help you in your life?”
  • “What did you learn from your hobby?”

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What is the significance of hobbies in the interview?

The most important part of the hobbies is that it can drive your interview in the direction you want to drive it. It gives you an open opportunity to let the interviewers ask you questions from the field that you have informed them through the DAF. Your answers about your hobbies will give them an idea about what to ask next. If you are able to answer those questions, it would leave positive impression about yourself.

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