Importance of dressing for interview

“You can have anything in your life if you dress for it”

The post of a civil servant itself is considered as one of the most prestigious posts. In order to be selected for such post, you need to look like a civil servant while entering into the interview hall. The interview board expects candidates to be formal. Your dress should reflect your formal personality. Here are few tips to help you serve your purpose.

It is not necessary to wear expensive suits or blazer at the interview. Choose formal clothes in which you feel comfortable. If you are wearing casual jeans and t-shirt in your daily routine and not habitual to formal dressing then you must first of all get yourself habituated by wearing formal clothes for some days before the interview.

Male candidates can wear light coloured shirt and a dark coloured trouser. Avoid wearing suits or blazer if you are not comfortable with it. Your clothes should be clean, ironed and should have good fitting according to your physique. Try to wear the exact clothes that you have decided to wear in the interview one day before the interview and practise your introduction before the mirror to get an idea about your appearance.

Female candidates can wear simple dress or saree which looks formal. Be aware about the colour of the dress that it should not have bright colours. Wear sober coloured dress.

Keep one thing in your mind that your dress will leave first impression upon the minds of the interviewers. It should reflect positivity about you.

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