How should I prepare for UPSC Interview?

Every year, more than two thousand aspirants appear for UPSC-CSE Interview stage. From that, only about seven to eight hundred could make their way to succeed in this Civil Services Examination. The most unique characteristic of the UPSC-CSE Interview is that all the candidates appearing in the interview have gone through and passed the same examination and almost having same knowledge about the syllabus provided by the UPSC. So, what makes the successful candidates different from the others. The answer is their Personality. UPSC checks one’s personality through a Personality Test popularly known as UPSC Interview. Preparation for the Personality Test begins the day when you started the preparation of this exam. But, for those who are going to appear in the interview, few dimensions must be prepared well from where maximum questions can be asked to almost all type of candidates. These are as follows:


  • How to Introduce yourself to the Board Members?
  • About your Educational Background
  • About your Work Experience (if any)
  • About your state and issues therein
  • About your Hobbies that you have written or going to write in the DAF
  • About your optional subject


These are the basic criteria from where the UPSC Board members generally ask question and assess the suitability of your personality for one of the most prestigious jobs of India’s Administration.

To prepare well on these aspects means to score at least 190 marks in UPSC-CSE Interview. You can prepare it by different ways such as analyzing your own DAF, taking guidance from senior aspirants, taking guidance from coaching centers and by appearing in few Mock Interviews. Here, DICS in association with Eden IAS can help you develop your personality in a way to maximize your score in UPSC Interview.