Practice tests form very integral part of GPSC exam preparation. In our Endeavour to provide best guidance for GPSC exam, DELHI INSTITUTE FOR CIVIL SERVICES is launching a comprehensive test series program for GPSC CLASS 1&2 Mains 2022 which will be starting from 6th February 2022. Our test series is a blend of conventional subjects plus current affairs based on GPSC pattern. Total 12 tests will be conducted.


Program Objective, Approach & Strategy:

This is a comprehensive program focusing on sincere Aspirants who will appear in GPSC CLASS 1&2 MAINS Exam. Our experts will provide step by step guidance to aspirants for understanding the concepts of the subject and prepare them for effective answer writing.

Our simple, practical and focused approach will help aspirants understand the demand of GPSC exam effectively. Our strategy is to constantly innovate to keep the preparation process dynamic and give personalized attention to individual aspirants based on factors like core competence, availability of time and space.

What benefits students will get:

  • 1) Practice questions based on GPSC & UPSC pattern
  • 2) Model Answer Key
  • 3) GPSC Centre like experience
  • 4) Developing Answering for fetching better marks
  • 5) Results within few weeks of examination with proper feedback
  • 6) Mentorship from UPSC/GPSC exam experienced faculties including

  • Kshitij Purohit (Cleared GPSC-2018)
  • Abhinav Shah (Appeared GPSC INTERVIEW 3 Times & Eminent GS Faculty of DICS)
  • Prachi Shah (Appeared GPSC INTERVIEW & Eminent GS Faculty of DICS)
  • Priyesh Soni (Eminent GS Faculty of DICS)
  • Ankita Khandelwal (Appeared GPSC INTERVIEW & Eminent GS Faculty of DICS)

Time management becomes the decisive factor in cracking mains examination and it can be learnt by practice only. As it is said
“Practicing answer writing puts brains in your fingers”


On the back page, schedule of the test series is mentioned. Fees for the test series module is Rs. 10,000/- inclusive of everything mentioned above. (Rs. 7500/- for old Students of DICS) You can contact the institute for any further query.



– The language of the test will be ENGLISH ONLY

– If any notice comes from the GPSC with regard to changes in Dates of Mains Examination (Postponement or Preponement), the schedule of the Test Series will also be changed accordingly.