Common dos and don’ts for Interview

The interview of UPSC-CSE is not one kind of interrogation but as it is mentioned in the scheme of the exam, it is a Personality Test. Many times, candidates could not qualify in this test due to lack of awareness about the nature of the interview. The interview board may give you good marks even if you are not able to answer most of the questions and it may disqualify you even if you are able to answer all the questions. Candidates generally do not qualify this personality test by mere difference of marks ranging from 2 to 10 marks. The reason behind this is that the candidates do small mistakes which should be avoided during the interview. The Mock Interview Programme of DICS in partnership with Eden IAS will help you correct these mistakes. Here are some common dos and don’ts for candidates appearing for the interview.


You need to wear neat and clean dress for the interview. For more details about the Importance of Dress in the Interview, you can visit this link.

Do ask for a permission of the board before entering into the hall.

Do ask for a permission of the board to sit on the chair.

Be well prepared about your introduction as most of the interviews start with your introduction.

Do listen to the questions of the interviewer carefully. Only a good listener can be a good speaker!

Try to maintain eye-contact with the interviewer in order to be looked confident.

Have a gentle smile on your face.

Do read newspaper of the day of your interview. To know more about the Importance of Current Affairs in Interview, visit this link.

Do answer those questions which can drive your interview in the direction where you are comfortable. (For this, you can read our blog on Importance of hobbies in the Interview)


Do not sit on the chair until you are permitted to.

Do not smile too much.

Avoid making hand and leg movements that can distract the interviewers.

Do not get nervous on those questions where you do not know the answer.

Do not give wrong answers. You can deny questions politely.

Do not lean on only one side of a particular issue. The board may force you to take only one side in order to check your mental capacity to tackle the pressure but you can deny that for 2-3 times.

Do not use informal language during the interview.

Do not deliberately lead the interview in a wrong direction.

Do not choose the language of the interview in which you are confident to speak.

So, to enhance your performance in the UPSC – CSE Interview, get yourself registered with Mock Interview Programme of DICS in partnership with Eden IAS.

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