Atlantic Charter

News: US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seeks to sign a new Atlantic Charter.

Rationale behind such decision:

  • At their meeting, the two leaders plan to sign what they’re calling a new Atlantic Charter, pledging to “defend the principles, values, and institutions of democracy and open societies.”
  • US hopes to reassure European allies that the US had shed the transactional tendencies of Donald Trump’s term and is a reliable partner again.
  • The US staunchly opposed the Brexit movement, the British exodus from the European Union that Mr. Johnson championed, and has expressed great concern with the future of Northern Ireland.
  • Biden once called the British leader a “physical and emotional clone” of Trump.

About Atlantic Charter:

  • The Atlantic Charter was a joint declaration issued during World War II (1939-45) by the United States and Great Britain that set out a vision for the post-war world. First announced on August 14, 1941, a group of 26 Allied nations eventually pledged their support by January 1942.
  • Among its major points were a nation’s right to choose its own government, the easing of trade restrictions and a plea for post-war disarmament. The document is considered one of the first key steps toward the establishment of the United Nations in 1945.
  • The Atlantic Charter included eight common principles. This includes that
  • The United States and Britain agreed not to seek territorial gains from the war, and they opposed any territorial changes made against the wishes of the people concerned.
  • To support the restoration of self-government to those nations who had lost it during the war.
  • People should have the right to choose their own form of government.