Syllabus for UPSC is strikingly different from other examinations. Unlike others, it is open ended. You will realize it once you go through the same. You can get through syllabus from latest notification published by UPSC on its website. Read each point of syllabus carefully. Make a list of subjects that you find by going through the syllabus. Also make a note of different sub topics mentioned in syllabus.


Always remember “WHAT NOT TO READ?” is more important than “WHAT TO READ?”In an open ended syllabus you need to set the depth and width to be covered for each and every sub topic. So make a boundary/limit for each and every subject. You will get exact idea about WHAT NOT TO READ? Throughout your preparation, you should not to go beyond that boundary/limit for the particular subject. Make a special note of your own analysis regarding syllabus.


Approach to syllabus also requires various books to be preferred for each and every topic and sub topic. Whatever may be the temptation, do not attempt to go beyond your defined book list as it is a slippery slope. Avoid window shopping of books. Discuss about the books with your faculties and seniors. NCERTs form an important part of your preparation. We shall discuss about it in our next blog.

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